1. DD-FAM


    Yo what's up guys, it's your boy.. BHOP and TODAY i'll be sharing with YOU the new top RAP SONGS of the month. Feel free to post what you guys think to be the BEST RAP TRACKS that are out today, in the COMMENTS DOWN BELOW. First ima hit you guys up with this very intricate and detailed rap song...
  2. HyperAim

    Favorite Genre(s)/Song(s)?

    While I take a short break to deal with irl stuff I just wanted to interact with the community for a bit. My favorite genres are: -EDM (more pop-ish with female vocals) examples: Stay by Kygo, Jackpot (The Him Remix), Cloud 9, The Chainsmokers, Flume, Vanic x K.Flay, Major Lazer, Phoebe Ryan...