1. enaldie


    Hello,as you can see I am not VIP,because my 6 y.o. laptop cannot even run CSGO xD,but if you help me build a new PC,I will be a sub 100%(in January). I just want to ask if this build is COMPATIBLE and how many FPS can I get on CSGO+LC soft with this poor build. And some PC experts here can...
  2. Savves

    PC bulid

    Hi, im wanna buy a new computer to play cs on 144hz monitor. What do you guys think I will have 200fps+ on this configuration with single thread mode? -AMD Ryzen 5 1500X, 3.5GHz, 16MB (YD150XBBAEBOX) -ASRock AB350 GAMING K4 -Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4, 8GB(2x4GB), 3000MHz, CL15 -Gigabyte GeForce...
  3. cutiecat

    New pc!

    final results