1. Get_Right


    hi guys im looking now for 144hz monitors with GOOD image quality ... some guys told me benq dont have a really good images but is very good for games ... if u help me with a 144hz monitors i will appreciate brand and model pls. monitors that i thinking to buy LG 34UC79G-B BENQ LED XL2720Z
  2. sonofgod

    Monitor question.

    Hello ppl i have a question. :) Today me presented Acer GN246HL 144hz. My PC is low and max fps 100 and down 80 :( So there is a sense use new monitor with it PC ? there will be an advantage ?
  3. shizm22

    want to buy a new screen (144hz+)

    hey guys, i want to buy a new gaming screen with 144hz+ what you can recommend? with kind regards, shizm22