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    Why do you use MultiCheat?

    it depends on what country you are from cevo esl etc have larger player bases in other countries but yeah faceit is best for the fastest league experience
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    Do you need a lot of memory for the cheats?

    you can always open up task manager and see how much ram you are using while gaming but I seriously doubt you are using all 8gbs of ram for csgo and the cheat is just a small process so you should be good :)
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    leaguecheats does not sell bo4 cheats you can ask for private but i'm almost certain jimster wont do that, and we don't promote other cheat websites lol best of luck though.
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    Faceit ac client

    You can possibly ask about private ones but those can get expensive:D
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    LeagueCheats CSGO 9/23 Update

    With jimster there is always a work around ;)
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    Graphics card

    @LeiseBrödler @Jimster480 Thank you both there were so many options and stats I was so lost lol okay well I'm going to get the rx580 for sure now thanks:D You can close now
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    Graphics card

    Hey you guys I'm trying to get a new graphics card my price range is 0-250$ not that much but I want the best for my money I was wondering if someone can point me in the right direction please and thank you:D
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    Thanks man, saw your review to good stuff :) Thanks for the information hope you do good in your GC championships, and thank you!:D Wow really exciting hope you get some to it I'm sure you'd get a lot of new customer base:D
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    LeagueCheats Pro League Availability - Aug 30

    Wow great to see more leagues being added super exciting! jimster best supporter hands down like always:D
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    Most of you don't know me some will, I'm a former LC member and staff I've been with LC for a long time sense 2015 but I've been gone for a while due to life emergencies. But I'm back and I have some questions (Sorry if this is formatted wrong I'm typing this on a phone) - has LC gotten better...
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    Brazilian PRO player CHEATING?

    its okay we just try to keep everyone speaking English in the regular forms
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    Bored with 3D Extrusion

    looks pretty clean but doesn't really fit Lc style
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    LC vs Platinum

    in*uria for sure with there Psilent and Free Vac detections, Also when you get caught they have a feature where CLARA takes all the blame no extra charges Kappa
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    Bad English ( Came Back for Questions)

    what is this there is no "nomenu" lol - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - there is Ip locks and to be whitelisted you have to be subscribed for at least 1 month