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  1. lurapper
  2. dont_deport_me
    Why did my VIP got removed since I paused my freeze?
    1. Aaron
      When you pause your sub, VIP still runs down but when you come back it's reassigned to you.
      Mar 28, 2017 at 5:45 PM
  3. chlenix1337
    chlenix1337 Jimster480
    y0 y0 check plz my activation :)
  4. you-
  5. you-
    Im back, but had to make a new acc cuz forgot my old account :^))
  6. MrMaxie1
    MrMaxie1 Jimster480
    Hey! i just re-subscibe to the cheat :D Thanks, just need activation ;D
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  7. Protsctao
    Gotta love how consistant jimster is at showing us how incapable he is of creating an eta :P
  8. 1dstarw0w
    1dstarw0w Jimster480
    hello, when can support EasyAntiCheat
  9. AirMake
    You need a Middleman? Contact me i do it nice, fast and perfect!
  10. st2inless
  11. Markus Dahl
    Markus Dahl st2inless
    +rep bought account from this dude, was nice and smooth. No middleman. Friendly spirit !xd
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  12. Isus1337
    Isus1337 Jimster480
    Can u setup my accout its been 24 hours,i want to play some faceit ;)
  13. emrata464
    plz activate my vip <3
  14. Koon
    Koon ChrisTheKing
    +rep Nice Guy, Bought Account Off Him.
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  15. tomatoheadjoe
    tomatoheadjoe Jimster480
    hey man, hope you doing good. Just wanted to say that you could maybe do some regular Status updates till you get the thing out? Like at least let us know, ok i worked further on it today, next day you didnt have time. Some more transparency would be appreciated. thanks
  16. electrohouse2
    Waiting cheats to come :D
  17. electrohouse2
    electrohouse2 Isus1337
    Welcome to LeagueCheats!
  18. ChrisTheKing
    ChrisTheKing Isus1337
    Welcome to LeagueCheats!
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  19. ROME99
    ROME99 biocycle83
    T'es fran├žais ?
  20. Isus1337
    Waiting cheats to come :D